travis c o l l i n s o n

Travis Collinson is an artist, illustrator and children’s book author. His art has been included in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout the country, all of which he has attended while wearing jeans and sneakers. He has recieved reviews in the San Francisco Chronicle, Orange County Register, and other media outlets and his work has also been purchased for private collections and institutions (Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Archive). 

His writing and illustrating projects include the children’s book Things Are Scary (2010 Draw Books), and the ongoing web comic Simple Town Press, which is a semi-autobiographical account of his formative years. Thus far reviews of the comic have been mixed but some other guy who writes a very well known web comic stated, “looks good but I think you should leave Blogger,” the web comic is still on Blogger. 

He was raised in Apple Valley California and currently resides in San Francisco California, unless suffering from seasonal affective disorder, in which case he goes to Los Angeles, at least in his head, not that he likes driving.





Affiliated Galleries / Dealers:

Maloney Fine Art  /  2680 SOUTH LA CIENEGA BLVD, LA CA 90034  /  p. 310.570.6420  /  e.​

Eli Ridgway Contemporary Art  /  e.