Travis Collinson’s paintings are meditations on a somber palette. Not frozen in time, such as a “still” from a moving image, instead they suggest an extended moment where the subject sits quietly for the viewer, but continues to breathe. They exude a tranquility and stillness that allows for a deeper look at the details within each painting. Then a second look is required, as intentional distortions in features or objects play off of the careful arrangement of the work. Collinson’s sister Marcy has been a frequent model, and she’s let him know that she is happy to do so, with the caveat that if she becomes bored she may go to sleep. This is the source of the exhibition’s title, “Narcolepsy in Pink.” Trained in illustration and drafting, Collinson’s paintings have increased in scale to their now larger-than-life format. He holds a BFA from Cal State Fullerton.

-Sharon Bliss (Curator)

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